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svo logo whitespacedUCSD SVO was founded in early 2007, we are an organization of UCSD students who have served in the United States military. However, our membership is not limited to veterans—any UCSD student who supports our missions of improving life for student veterans at UCSD and community service may participate in our events.

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Meeting at Sun God Lounge

Posted on OCT 24, 2011 by ben seaman


SVO Meeting this Friday, 28 October, at 1600 in the Green Table Room, Sun God Lounge, 2nd floor, Price Center West. Be there!!
Questions? Email Ben at bdseaman@ucsd.edu



First Bi-Monthly Meeting

Posted on sep 28, 2011 by ben seaman


Our first bi-monthly meeting this year is this Friday at 1700 in the Student Services Center Conference Room 260. We'll be discussing upcoming events including Project Unity and various community outreach projects. Afterwards we'll head somewhere for some food and adult refreshment. Hope to see you there!
Questions? Email Ben at bdseaman@ucsd.edu



Student Veteran Social Hour

Posted on sep 20, 2011 by ben seaman


Are you an active or former military service member? Join us for a cold beverage and delicious food at Porter's Pub! Come learn about the Student Veterans Organization (SVO) and meet current members in a casual social atmosphere. All student veterans invited, as well as anyone else interested in learning about the SVO at UCSD!

Friday, September 23, 2011 @ Porter's Pub, 4 pm - 7 pm
Questions? Email Ben at bdseaman@ucsd.edu




New Student Orientation

Posted on sep 16, 2011 by uc san diego admissions


When: Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time: 1500-1630

Where: "Multipurpose Room (Student Services Center)

Cost: Free, so RSVP now!

If you are a new student who has served/serves in the armed forces, join us for your very own orientation to campus and sharing of the resources available to you. Current student veterans and military service members are welcome too. Free food!

The program will focus on:
Financial Aid (specifically processing GI Bill benefits with the Financial Aid and Registrar's offices and college/department advisors)
Counseling and Psychological Services
Academic Advising
Student Business Services
Academic Internship Program
Career Services
Office for Students with Disabilities
Student Legal Services
Student Veterans Organization

Map to reception location

Welcome Week 2011



9/11 Heroes Run

Posted on jun 9, 2011 by lt neil toohey


Good afternoon, my name is Neil Toohey. I'm currently on active duty working on NAS North Island.

This may be a long shot, but I'm writing to extend an invitation to your organization to participate in a 5K "9-11 Heroes Run". The run will be held Sunday, September 11th at 0830 at Mission Trails Park, cost is $25/person. All benefits and proceeds go to the Travis Manion Foundation and the races are held all over the world, icluding Iraq and Afghanistan.

I volunteer for the foundation and have been trying to spread the word on North Island where I currently work. I'm still waiting on flyers and the press release, but below is a link to sign up, and a video released by the TMF. They are also looking for volunteers for the trail to direct runners, hand out water, etc. If anyone would be interested, please let me know.

As a side note, Travis Manion was my roommmate at the Naval Academy, he was killed in April of 2007 by enemy sniper fire in Iraq. Last September, our other roommate, Brendan Looney was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. They were subsequently buried side by side at Arlington last October. Brendan's widow, Amy is organizing the San Diego race.

No obligation, I just thought I'd extend the invite after driving past your building. Thank you for your time.

Very respectfully,
LT Neil Toohey





Welcome Back to Fall Quarter 2011-12

Posted on aug 27, 2011 by howard realubit


Hello All,

Back-to-school sales are rampant on television and newspaper ads. Although these commercials target kids they also reminded me of our own need to prepare for the upcoming quarter. This will be yet another year for some of us; As for the rest, they have sent their Statements of Intent to Register (SIRs) to UCSD and we will welcome them. Regardless of which group you belong to, welcome! Make your last plans for a summer fling, print out a schedule & map, buy your textbooks and get ready. I can feel that this will be a good year.

See you soon,



Scholarship Links

Posted on jul 25, 2011 by jared townsel


Some scholarship links found by Jared:



SVO Book & Note Exchange

Posted on jun 9, 2011 by jared townsel


Hello All,

We are finally doing it, setting up a book and note exchange for the SVO.
The purpose is to pool our books and notes to give to other veterans that
may need them.  So, if you have any books or notes that you would like to
donate please let me know; if you have notes on digits that's fine too!
Thanks in advance for anything you can provide.




The Shark Signs Off

Posted on jun 1,, 2011 by mark nelson



I invite you to join us for the final meeting of the year. It will be held in the Student Services Center, room # 260, this Friday, June 3rd, at 4pm. This room can be found next door to Crouton. If you are unsure where to find us, please reply to this email.

I strongly encourage the Mud Run participants to attend so that we can make plans to play in the mud on Saturday!

This will be my final meeting as President, so if I don't see you on Friday I'd just like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the hard work so many of you have put in. It has been an honor to serve with you. This is Mark the Shark, signing out.

Very Respectfully,
Mark "the Shark" Nelson
President, Student Veterans Organization at UC San Diego